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You know, ever since that one conversation with zephra85 where she said that in her opinion, full-blooded Greek people with olive skin are people of color, I’ve… felt like I have no idea whether I’m white or not. 

I was raised to think so.

But then the whole Katniss thing happened, where someone who has “olive skin” is obviously a woman of color. And everybody outside of Hollywood supposedly knows that.

And hokey as it is, there’s even the recent Ancient Greek-inspired world for Magic: the Gathering, in which people are portrayed with wide ranges of melanin levels because, whitewashed history based on ancient statues whose paint flaked off notwithstanding, people in Greece did have varying skin tones. Hello, cultural hub near Asia and Africa.

People have always called my skin “olive.” That’s the name for its color, or at least the name I know.

Paler people have exoticized my skin for as long as I can remember. I was “sexy” because I was darker than them long before I had any interest in sexiness at all.

Aside from that though I don’t know that I’d call what I’ve experienced “racism” except for maybe once, where my white teacher in 6th grade was teaching us all vocabulary words and illustrated “swarthy” by saying I was the closest thing to it in the room.

That was really humiliating. Really really. But was it a pattern? I don’t know.

But it has me wondering about the boundaries of this stuff. If I look down at myself and ask “so what color am I then?” is it “appropriation”? Or is it an honest question when race is a social thing and one that has changed over generations?

(Is the confusion that I am white, then, but that I “became white” later in US history than other groups did?)

It also makes me wonder… if it does turn out that I have “passing privilege” but don’t actually have “white privilege” because I’m not white… does that retroactively do something to the times I’ve been told I’ve been defensive or ignorant because of privilege?

And is “passing privilege” a thing? If it is, and I am a POC who didn’t know it, then clearly I have it — so much so I passed to myself. But the SJey people I follow seem to be very torn on whether “passing privilege” is a thing or not lately, I’ve noticed.

I don’t know. In classification systems like this that are binary, is there a space for “Huh. Honestly, I’m wondering whether I know, now…?”

Seeing this made me wanna ask my boyfriend some identity questions, since he’s in a somewhat similar situation. (As I said before, he’s mixed raced Native and Ukrainian) But he’s a really… apathetic guy, so the answers weren’t so specific.

'Have you ever experienced racism on a receiving end?'

'Not really.'

'Do people think you're white?'

'I don't know.'

'Well do you think of YOURSELF as white, or as POC?'

'… I think of myself as Metis and Ukrainian.'

'Oh so you think of it in specifics rather than generalizations?'

'I don't know. I guess.'

Yyyeah, he’s pretty nonchalant about… everything really. I should have expected these kind of answers. XP; Honestly I can’t really contribute much other than my own experiences to these talks. But I can understand the ‘torn’ feeling though, being that I’M biracial, but I look 100% white. Native household, native community, native family and native blood, and I consider myself native but I nonetheless FEEL like an outsider, someone who just plain doesn’t belong in either race. (I’ve been on the receiving end of prejudice though. Being that my family was always really involved in native community things so I ended up being the only white-looking person during events, so I’d get treated like crap by older and younger kids, and even got told directly ‘go home fucking white girl’ even though both of my parents were pillars of the community and my siblings were friends with their friends and family. )

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OH MY GOD. So the boyfriend and I are watching Star Trek Next Gen. Usually we watch it on the TV but the files we downloaded for season seven aren’t compatible with our blue ray player, so we have to watch it on the laptop.

When the episode ends, he picks up the DVD remote, and (I’d imagine out of habit) points it to the laptop monitor and attempts to stop it that way. He realized what he’d done only a moment later, but it didn’t stop me from cracking up for several minutes. 

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TFP Humanformers Headcanons


More like I think wayyy too much about how these bots would look like if they were more humanoid and wore clothes…

(yes I know I cast a couple as their voice actors but seriously everyone’s VA is awesome)


  • Optimus Prime - Idris Elba: worn red plaid flannel shirts over various t-shirts softened over time, blue jeans frayed a lil at the hems, solid steel toe boots, Autobot shield belt buckle, possibly a trucker cap. Salt and pepper hair/beard.
  • Arcee - Olivia Wilde: supple black and blue blue leather motorcycle suit with a slight metallic sheen on the blue parts and pink detailing with some white piping. Sculptured helmet with that forehead spine detail. Hair in a very high, angular, layered bob cut that almost approaches a pixie dyed a dark blue-black with a couple bright blue/light pink streaks on one side of the bangs.
  • Bumblebee - Donald Glover: yellow basketball jersey with black detailing and side panels and a graphic of a bee on the front. No. 88 to mimic his “BB” initials. Black shorts with yellow stripes and some bulky black and yellow sneakers. Hair short, but looking a little in need of a haircut and usually tucked under a matching black and yellow beanie or baseball cap.
  • Bulkhead - Nick Offerman - lots of olive drab and camo, literally looks like he just walked out of Cabela’s with the entire store on his person. Always wears those LL Bean type boots and some type of outdoor hat. Full, round greying beard and close-cropped hair.
  • Ratchet - Jeffrey Combs: white scrubs with orange raglan-type sleeves mostly worn over a long-sleeve white shirt. Short lab coat worn indoors and insulated vest worn outdoors. Always has a backpack filled with first aid nearby. Greying red-orange hair and wild eyebrows that sweep up at the ends.
  • Wheeljack - Lou Diamond Philips: leather bomber jacket with white and red-orange paneling worn over an old rock band t-shirt and charcoal jeans with a rip in one knee. Leather harness boots. Longish black hair with a couple silver streaks, sideburns, and goatee.


  • Megatron - Jeff Bridges: arcane sci-fi robe type thing made of slightly metallic material over lots of black. It has a lot of volume in the shouders and chest as well as at the hem. He wears a set of sculptured pauldrons over it that connect in the middle with his Decepticon shield. Maybe there’s a cape sometimes when he’s in the mood. Shoulder-length silver hair and pointed beard.
  • Starscream - David Tennant or Michael Sheen (take your pick): sharply tailored tight fitting gray suits with lots of POINTS, lighter grey shirts, and red ties. Always red ties. Heeled shoes with evil pointed toes. (it’s especially funny when he gets in a tumble and his suit gets all wrecked omg he HATES IT) Slicked back grey hair with a red streak slightly to one side.
  • Soundwave - Tilda Swinton: not a single bit of skin showing, wears a hood all the time over a helmet crowned with spikes. Lots of black and glowing purple. Has a pet raven who is always perched on shoulder. Will not hesitate to take you down. No one knows what Soundwave truly looks like.
  • Knockout - Anthony Mackie: literally wears anything he looks good in, especially if it’s red. Has worn a Jessica Rabbit dress before, complete with the gloves. That one was a particular looker. Bald with flowing, geometric red tattoos that form a sort-of mohawk and then go down his spine.
  • Breakdown - Adam Baldwin: black, unmarked police uniform with a blue bulletproof vest. He’s got the cap and everything. Sleeves are usually rolled up to show extensively muscular forearms. Carries a metal sledgehammer instead of a billy club. He’s the sketchiest security officer ever. Perpetual five-o’clock shadow and a high-and-tight.
  • Airachnid - Lucy Liu: halter neck catsuit and evilly tall stiletto boots. Tailed leather coat over everything and sculptured helicopter pilot’s helmet. Has four long, thin scarves with blades on the end. Close-cropped black hair.

I haven’t gotten to some of the others in the series yet but I’ll add them when I do!

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the TFP human/autobot guardian pairings are so spot-on it hurts

Arcee and Jack are two fiercely independent people who really just want to help at all costs. Arcee does save Jack and Jack returns the favor, but the protection is never exclusive.

Bulkhead and Miko would both sacrifice themselves if it helped to further the Autobot cause. Miko only needs protection from one thing, and that thing is herself. Bulkhead provides a really nice and steady foundation for her energy without being overbearing so as to extinguish it.

Bumblebee and Raff are actually the most different in terms of action, Bumblebee preferring to be at the head of the pack, and Raff usually taking the computer keys. However, they think in much the same patterns and are the first to complete each other’s sentences.

TFP is a great example of this kind of balance between characters. It recognizes that power comes in all shapes and forms, both negative and positive, and it never discounts one power in the face of another.

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"what are you reading?"

"its a…online book."

"oh cool, what’s it about?"



I love that everyone just knows


"what are you writing?"

"it’s a….story."

"oh cool, what’s it about?"



"can i read it?"


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"explain the character’s motivations and the reasoning behind his actions and who he is"



there we go

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facebook really does have a tendency to make ppl show their true colours lmao
and no im not erasing the names they commented on a public page boohoo

How are they gettin so mad about this


Like Paizo, I think BioWare decided to chlorinate their customer pool.

Unlike Paizo, BioWare needed to chlorinate their customer pool

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The Avengers meeting their actors:






Tom + Loki:


Chris + Steve


Clint + Jeremy:


Natasha + Scarlett:


Chris + Thor:


Mark + Bruce


Tony + RDJ


Fury + Samuel:




Sebastian + Pre WS!Bucky


Sebastian + Winter Soldier Bucky


Anthony + Sam




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Practical and sexy

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  1. newvagabond: gosh diddly darn it i wanna go to a bath house
  2. newvagabond: get a nice scrub
  3. newvagabond: sauna the fucking house down
  4. Zephra85: I've heard a lot of the ones in Japan have a strict 'no foreigners' policy though
  5. newvagabond: yeah they do
  6. newvagabond: i got to go to one with my host mom at least
  7. newvagabond: it was amazing and so affordable
  8. Zephra85: niice
  9. Zephra85: OH but I heard a great story from a japanese girl who styled my hair once
  10. newvagabond: ohh?/
  11. Zephra85: We were talking about it, and she lives in a town in Hokkaido that was really close to the ocean and russia
  12. Zephra85: Apparantly it was only a short ferry ride from Hokkaido to Russia they were so close
  13. newvagabond: she talks like a samurai too hahaha
  14. newvagabond: ohh
  15. newvagabond: kendo gf needs doctor
  16. Zephra85: So she said something that would happen was Russians would be getting drunk and partying, and drunk-thinking it was a great idea to take a trip to Japan
  17. newvagabond: oh dear
  18. Zephra85: so they'd go to Japan, completely wasted and making a huge rucus every time
  19. newvagabond: xDD
  20. Zephra85: So she was saying that where she lived, the 'no foreigners' policy didn't actually apply to tourists.
  21. Zephra85: Just russians. XD
  22. newvagabond: omg haha
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hamfootsia replied to your post:zephra85 replied to your post:hamfootsia replied…

I could never live in Canada though. The cold, the trees, the bagged milk. It’s too much.

Naw, it’s okay. We’ll keep you in a terrarium. Give you like a heat lamp. A nice little basking rock. Maybe like a branch or two for you to climb on. Sand for any burrowing purposes. Crickets. 

XDD I stand by my declaration that you guys should just come where I live. I literally live in the warmest city in the country, it almost never snows here, and… You know, I can’t even remember the last time I saw bagged milk on a grocery shelf. Seriously. My parents bought it all the time when I was a kid but since I’ve been an adult out of the house I haven’t even SEEN it in a grocery store. o_0

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Quick, reblog this everywhere so we can learn and grow as a species!

the fact that this is shocking is saddening.